Winery Tobias Zinniel

Proud of living in the wonderful nature and the history-charged soil of his hometown, being full of passion for its wines.

Those character traits are describing the young winemaker, cellarman and modern traditionalist Tobias Zinniel the best.

Tobias Zinniel’s winery is located in Mönchhof, a small town, also known as the „gateway to Seewinkel“. On the right shore, where Lake Neusiedl makes a bend, the „Seewinkel“ area, with its countless small lakes is characterized by its nearly flat gravel plains. A great wealth of grape varieties ripen here on the banks of the steppe lake.

Austria’s wine-growing region Neusiedlersee reaches from the hills on the edges of the „Parndorfer Plateau“ over the flat „Heideboden“ down to the „Seewinkel“ . The Zinniel Family is living and working here in Austria`s oldest winemaking town- in Mönchhof.

The vines are able to accumulate the pure sun in the extensive vineyards. On account of the favorable pannonian climate with its dry and hot summers and cold winters, perfectly accompanied by the temperature regulation Lake Neusiedl is giving this area, a long vegetation period (oder growing season) is granted. Since generations the Zinniel family is growing vines. His parents have years of experience, which is the perfect background for Tobias Zinniel to produce phenomenal wine himself.

After several years of collecting experience for himself he began to make his first own wine in 2015. With his wines he has already gotten great attention and already won his first prices.

Our wines are much more than just a secret

Salvador Dali (1904-1989) said: “The connoisseur does not drink wine but tastes its secrets”

The vineyard – that’s where the Magic happens – because of this fact Tobias Zinniel places great importance on letting the vines be with only the absolute necessary interference, letting nature do its job and just give the grapes and the vineyard what it needs, but never too much. It is important to him not to overexert the vineyards and that the balance between vineyard and nature is constantly held in harmony. The modern traditionalist Tobias Zinniel values the unique tipicity of the single grapes that are reflected in each bottle of wine. In each strain you can taste the signature and personality of the young winemaker – waiting to be discovered by you.